My Fashion Addictions…part 1: Sunglasses

I love fashion (obviously) and there are a few things that I love collecting or having a variety of on hand. Things that no matter how fat or thin you are, what age or budget you are on, you can rock them. 

This post will cover my love of sunglasses…🕶

Anyone that knows me knows that I love sunglasses and despite my large collection of them, I am quite picky about them. Trendy sunglasses are fun, but what I think is most important in choosing a pair of sunglasses is to find a pair that fits YOUR face.  

For example, when the old school Ray-Ban Wayfarer shades came back into style, I was all about it. I saw people all around looking cool and cute in them and so I decided that I had to get me a pair. So I went to Macy’s and tried on a bunch of different styles and found what I thought was the best shape for my face. However, as I wore them, I realized, that they just did not fit my face and didn’t look as good as they looked on other people. So, subsequently, I stopped wearing them.

Another look that I cannot rock is the aviator look. Again, this is a look that a lot of people look amazing in, but for me, it’s a no go, and that’s ok…

I was at Ross about 9 months ago and found a fantastic pair of Elie Tahari sunglasses that fit me like a dream, a cool matte finish, nice, clear lenses and were the right price! ($12.99 I think!) Anyway, I wore the heck out of those things and got tons of compliments on them. Then, somehow, I literally closed the back of my car on my face and my favorite sunglasses saved my face, but literally cracked in the process. 😦

I’m glad that wasn’t my face!

Thankfully, my birthday is in a couple of weeks and so I will be replacing those babies with another exact pair (love them). 
So, once I find a good pair that I love, I will stick with them but, I also love to have some other style options. 

For example, I have my big ‘ol pair of Von Zippers that I usually wear at the beach or pool because they have great, polarized lenses and cover all of my eyes. 

I also like a kind of understated pair that goes well in a more understated and sophisticated way and that are also timeless. I’ve had a couple of pairs of these Juicy Couture glasses that to me are classic and again, fit my face. 

Me sporting my old standbys for the past many years.

Josie looked cute in these Juicy Couture shades too!😍

My pal Margo and I went to buy expensive shades back in our 20’s when we had good jobs, no kids and money to burn. I got some Prada sunglasses and she got Persols. 

Above is me wearing the Prada sunglasses which look SO out of date. Anyway, my mom took this photo of David and I the day after we got engaged, so this would have been October 17, 2003. 

I bought my most expensive sunglasses when I was in Las Vegas on a trip I won through Lucky Magazine. They’re Chanel, classic and keepers. They come out on very special occasions. 

What are your favorite pair of shades?


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